8:00 Registration

9:00 Welcome remarks

9:05 Keynote address: Embracing disruptive technology that will drive transformation in buy side

Chris Wei, Global Chairman, AVIVA DIGITAL; Executive Chairman, AVIVA ASIA

9:35 Panel discussion: Emerging technologies that buy side are looking for in 2018

  • What aspects of technology are you looking to improve?
  • How the technology department evolves in the face of changing market conditions?
  • Integrating new system into existing legacy platform to achieve greater efficiency and cost reduction
  • Are buy-side firms having technology as a supporting function or as a source of a competitive advantage?


Claudia Marcusson, Head of Risk Management, NN INVESTMENT PARTNERS

Allan Reyes, Managing Director - Head of Technology Solutions, NIKKO ASSET MANAGEMENT

10:25 Morning coffee break

10:55 Presentation: Extracting value through data visualisation

  • How can data visualisation help the buy side navigate a large number of unstructured data
  • Understanding how asset owners can harness the power of visualisation to support their investment strategies
  • Using data visualisation to meet the sustainability paradigm
  • Data visualisation as means of optimising investment operations

Andrew Lian, Head of Client Implementation and Service Delivery, BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES

11:20 Panel discussion: Buy-side perspectives on investment performance measurement and risk analysis

  • What are the innovative technologies that can help analyse performance and manage risk in buy side?
  • Addressing how combining performance and risk analytics can bring the front and middle office closer together and improve efficiency
  • Leveraging the right technology for middle office to drive efficiencies in investment operations


Peter Ton That, Head of Investment and Dealing Technology, SCHRODERS


Simon Willcox, Head of Investment Risk and Analytical Services, APAC, NORTHERN TRUST

Catalin Burlacu, Head of Portfolio Solutions, UOB ASSET MANAGEMENT

Tian Sing Wee, Chief Risk Officer, Singapore and Head Office Risk, EASTSPRING INVESTMENTS

Andrew Kophamel, Head of Performance Analytics - Asia Pacific, ABERDEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT

12:10 Lunch

13:10 Presentation: Discussing the evolving needs of a strong data governance in buy-side firms

  • Is data governance still a priority for the buy-side?
  • Does buy-side have strong data governance in place to respond to the regulatory challenge?
  • What technologies or applications can be used to optimise data and improve data quality effectively?
  • How do you deliver accurate and reliable data throughout the investment life cycle?
  • Discussing the impact of future regulation on the use of data-management technology

13:35 Panel discussion: MiFID II requirements and regulatory update in Asia

  • What are the biggest technology implications for complying with the MiFID II mandates?
  • Are buy-side firms changing the way it uses derivatives due to the regulatory changes?
  • Do buy-side firms have the right infrastructure in place to deal with the burden of derivatives risk reporting and trading requirements?
  • Mandating the use of LEIs in Asia

14:25 Afternoon coffee break

15:55 Fireside Chat: The future state of play for High Frequency Trading (HFT) in Asia

  • How has the HFT industry changed over the last few years?
  • What innovative HFT technologies are making the biggest impact in trading?
  • The impacts of regulations on the buy-side's adoption of HFT
  • What methods are being used to apply alternative data to trading algorithms?

16:45 Panel discussion: Exploring the applications of machine learning in buy-side

  • What are the implications of integrating machine learning in buy-side?
  • How machine learning can help firms improve trading decisions and performance
  • What are the limitations of machine learning? Are these technologies eliminating human intuition or they simply improve it?


Prof Carol Hargreaves, Director of Data Analytics Consulting Centre, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE


Jamie Vachon, Head of Technology, EASTSPRING INVESTMENTS

Jon Glennie, Executive Director - Trading Technology APAC, J.P. MORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT

Richard Turrin, Innovation Advisor, SINGAPORE LIFE

Gareth Nicholson, Head of Fixed Income, BANK OF SINGAPORE

17:35 Closing remarks

17:40 End of conference