08:00 Registration and breakfast

08:50 Welcome remarks

09:00 C-level Keynote panel discussion: Technology innovation for the buy-side - Strategies in replacing legacy systems, prioritising security and adjusting business models in a challenging environment

  • Enhancing risk management and operational efficiency - moving away from legacy systems and towards automated reconciliation platforms
  • Building information risk into every project - maintaining an invested interest around security breaches
  • In the face of heightened investor expectations, how does technology play a role in altering your business models to meet their demands?
  • What are your current technological priorities and what goes into allocating your budget?
  • Who is responsible in your firm for implementing the most cutting-edge technologies and what considerations and processes go into this decision?

10:00 Presentation: Harnessing unstructured data and effectively utilising big data to your advantage

  • Developing strategies on how to mine unstructured data to detect future events
  • Leveraging big data to drive business development and position yourself for future success
  • Managing disparate data sets across an organisation to comply with regulatory and reporting requirements
  • What is there to learn from other industries who have already wholly embraced big data?

10:45 Morning coffee break

11:15 Panel discussion: Applying data management technologies across multi-asset classes and trading venues

  • Creating a streamlined, centralised data management strategy
  • Using analytics software to improve data governance and quality
  • What are the challenges around testing for accuracy and quality?
  • The importance of having technology in place that's fully scalable
  • Is it more practical to upgrade analytics software into existing infrastructure or to outsource?

12:05 Presentation: Establishing a strong reference data framework to aid in governance and compliance

  • Maximising business value and data governance by integrating a single trusted source for your reference data
  • How does reference data differ from other classes of data with regard to governance and management needs?
  • Mutualizing data management through a reference data utility
  • Constructing your reference data management strategy to aid compliance efforts

12:50 Lunch

13:50 Panel discussion: Advances in low latency and HFT technology and the regulations on the horizon

  • What innovative HFT technologies are making the biggest impact in trading?
  • Do the benefits of HFT outweigh the sometimes volatile market shifts it can aid in creating?
  • Analysing the pros and cons of collocating servers and the costs involved
  • Overview of the latest HFT regulations across APAC
  • Are the cards stacked against those who do not use or cannot afford the most up to date HFT technology?

14:40 Presentation: Utilizing cloud technology to expand capabilities while preventing massive infrastructure overhauls

  • How cloud services can prevent the large scale IT overhauls that would be needed to maintain compliance with regulators and keep up with complex data management
  • Finding the appropriate mix of utilizing internal systems vs. public cloud services and how this will be a major key to the future success of financial firms
  • What skills will IT teams will need in order to operate in and arbitrate between clouds?
  • Developing a compelling business case for cloud-based managed services in your firm
  • How is the transition to cloud and the use of public providers being monitored and evaluated both internally and by regulators?

15:15 Afternoon coffee break

15:45 Panel discussion: The future of operational and business strategy and the role outsourcing technology will play in these decisions - a conversation with practitioners and vendors

  • Examining the trend of migration from homegrown technology solutions in favour of licensed software and outsourcing services
  • Managing changes in vendor contracts - choosing the best provider and maintaining a beneficial, collaborative, ongoing relationship
  • Discussing the benefits and risks involved with data sharing between outsourced partners and shared services
  • How are vendors keeping up with constantly evolving technology while maintaining an offer of value and ROI?
  • Managing regulation compliance with third-party data management vendors

16:35 Closing remarks

16:40 End of conference and cocktail reception

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