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Women in Investment Management Breakfast Briefing - Guest List Only

Waters Technology is committed to promoting diversity, equality and encouraging change within the financial industry. Over the past few years it has become apparent that women still make up significantly less than half of senior positions within the data and technology divisions, and that attracting female talent to these functional areas is a challenge.

Join us for this exclusive session to expand your industry network, hear from senior female industry figures and promote female leadership for an equal future.

Speakers include:

Siobhan Clarke, Chief Operating Officer Investment Operations, M&G Investments


Registration and refreshments - In the Partner Hub

Join us for bottomless tea, coffee and continental refreshments before the conference begins - meet our vendor partners, and network with industry leaders to prepare yourself for the day ahead.


Welcome Remarks

Victor Anderson, Editor-In-Chief, WATERS and WATERSTECHNOLOGY


Industry Keynote Presentation

Speaker to be announced


C-Level Panel - The Outlook for Asset Management and the Technology Department in 2018 and beyond

In a period of growth and change for the buy-side industry, asset managers must not just adapt in order to survive but become disruptors themselves if they want to prosper. This panel of industry experts will explore how technology can be utilised to combat the increasing business pressures, regulatory changes and uncertain market conditions.

  • Which areas of technology should buy-side firms be investing in to future-proof their organisation? And which departments require the most attention?
  • Creating a hybrid approach - how are firms utilising third party providers and which processes remain in-house?
  • Leveraging the scalability and flexibility of a cloud based infrastructure - how can it help with the data demands of regulations such as GDPR and what are the potential security problems?
  • How do you organise for innovation? Are dedicated teams necessary to avoid getting trapped by mainstream projects and business demands?
  • How do you recruit candidates with the relevant technology skills and how do you ensure they stay?
Stuart Warner, Head of Technology UK & Continental Europe Financial Services, Fidelity International
Barney Dalton, Chief Technology Officer, Aspect Capital
Vikramaaditya, Chief Transformation & Administration Officer, HSBC Global Asset Management
Siobhan Clarke, Chief Operating Officer Investment Operations, M&G Investments
Neil Smyth, Marketing and Technology Director, StatPro

Showcase Presentation

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Morning Break


Case Study - The Rise of Impact Investing: Integrating ESG Factors into Investment Decisions

As awareness of climate change and social and political issues grows so does clients interest in seeking ways to have a positive impact whilst generating a good financial return. This session will explore how Environmental, Social and Governance factors can be integrated into wider investment decisions.


Panel - Demystifying AI: Breaking Down the Buzzwords

As the hype surrounding artificial intelligence reaches fever pitch and terms such as machine learning, robotic process automation and natural language processing are increasingly used, this panel will try to separate the advertising jargon from real applications of the technology already being deployed on the buy side.

  • How can firms most effectively utilise AI technology and which departments are most ripe for automation and machine learning techniques?
  • AI is increasingly driving investment decisions particularly in the passive space - how are different algorithms being used for the decision making process?
  • What are the potential regulatory concerns of using AI? How can firms prove they are compliant when using algorithms that are 'black boxes'?
  • Is the use of this technology feasible in firms of all sizes? Is it easier for smaller firms to use these algorithms as they aren't impeded by the legacy systems of larger firms?
Moderator: Andrew Weir, Independent Technology Consultant and Former Group CTO and Chief Scientist, Former HSBC
Kent Zheng, Head of Global Research Technology, JP Morgan Asset Management
Chris Donnan, Chief Technology Officer, Tyler Capital

Panel - Leveraging Alternative Datasets to Generate New Sources of Alpha

In a new digital age, this panel will explore the potential returns that buy-side firms can gain from the vast amounts of data from new, non-traditional sources such as satellites, drones, the Internet of Things, mobile phones and social media. It will also discuss how this alternative data can be utilised and integrated with existing data sets.

  • Alternative data, unstructured data, big data - are these terms interchangeable and what do they mean?
  • Exploring the potential returns and use cases for these data sets across strategies and different asset classes
  • Key challenges in utilising alternative data vs traditional data - what is the cost of sourcing, evaluating and processing a new data source?
  • Do specific data sets lead to any compliance or privacy issues?
Javier Rodriguez-Alarcon, European Head of Quantitative Investment Strategies, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
David Pagliaro, Head of Global Exchange EMEA, State Street Global Exchange
Dr Richard D Bateson, Director, Bateson Asset Management
Dimitri Huwyler, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Next Gate Capital

General Lunch


Delegate Discussion Workshops

These workshops have been designed to provide an educational environment for "off the record" discussions between industry experts and vendor professionals.

Workshop 1: MiFID II Post-Mortem - What has happened since January 3rd and what lessons still need to be learned?

Workshop 2: Managing data requirements and creating a centralised strategy

Workshop 3: Engaging with Millennials - attracting and retaining top talent into the technology function and the buy-side industry

Workshop 4: Geopolitical impact assessment - exploring Brexit and the buy side

Workshop 5: Distributed Ledger Technology - moving to the next phase

Workshop 6: Open to sponsorship


Industry Keynote Presentation

Speaker to be announced


Afternoon Break


Panel - Regulation driving technology: The rise of RegTech

RegTech is the latest in a series of technology trends sweeping the financial services. This panel will examine the latest in RegTech, cognitive compliance techniques and the most innovative strategies for automation.

  • Addressing the reasons behind the industries need for RegTech - exploring MiFID II, GDPR, SFTR as instigators for technological developments
  • Identifying the right RegTech solutions for your business - what tools and technologies are available for regulatory compliance?
  • What does it take to automate compliance?
  • The challenges and benefits of implementing AI to assist with regulatory compliance
Kevin Barry, Head of Trading and Compliance Technology, Janus Henderson Investors
Carl Erdly, Vice President, Regulatory Projects Technology Lead, State Street Global Advisors
Christian Hunt, Global Head of Compliance and Operational Risk Control, UBS Asset Management

Fire Side Chat - Innovating the buy-side industry

The regulatory demands place on asset management firms in the last few years has often lead to focus on short-term technology fixes to ensure compliance and allow business as usual to continue. It is time to take a step back and examine the longer term vision of buy-side firms and the role that technology plays in leading this revolution.

  • How do you judge when to invest in an emerging technology?
  • How do you measure the success of innovation?
  • How can traditional asset managers work with emerging FinTech firms to implement the new solutions they are building?
Host: Victor Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Waters and WatersTechnology
Charlotte Wood, Head of Innovation and Fintech Alliances Digital, Schroders
Arnaud Zeitoun, Global Head of Transformation, BNP Paribas Asset Management


Editor's Closing Remarks

Victor Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, WATERS and WATERSTECHNOLOGY
Round up of the day's sessions


Drinks Reception and Champagne Roundtables - In the Partner Hub

Grab a drink from the bar and network with peers, or join at an "off the record" informal Champagne Roundtable to discuss the key concerns debated in earlier sessions. Learn from your industry colleagues and collaborate to resolve challenges, share ideas and improve your strategy.

Table 1: AI and machine learning

Table 2: Cognitive technology and surveillance

Table 3: Engaging with millennials

Table 4: Distributed Ledger Technology

Table 5: Regulatory outlook for 2019 and beyond

VIP Speaker Dinner (Invitation Only)

Please note that this agenda is subject to change. To discuss the programme or speaking opportunities please contact Sorcha Williams at Sorcha.Williams@infopro-digital.com