2016 Agenda

08.20 Registration and breakfast

08.55 Welcome address: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERS AND WATERSTECHNOLOGY

09.00 Opening Keynote Presentation:

Working Title: Leveraging "Cloud" technologies from Twitter, Google, and Netflix's to deliver a resilient high-performance Software Defined Cluster for financial services

Lonergan Harrington, Director of Electronic Trading Architecture, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS

09.25 The outlook from the C Suite - A view from the top: Strategy, innovation and change

Hear six of the top CIO's and CTO's on the buy side discuss their current challenges, strategies and forecasts for 2017 and beyond during this exclusive session! This "view from the top" will outline the current requirements around data and regulation, vendor relationships and the developments in technology infrastructure that are shaping the buy side firms of tomorrow

  • A consulting approach - using the IT function to add value, remove silos and deliver change
  • Providing scale and growth - what are your current priorities and how are you allocating budget?
  • Buy-side innovation - considering FinTech start-ups and emerging, disruptive technologies
  • Developments in analytics, automation and managing the influx of data
  • Vendor partnerships - working together to streamline processes and minimize costs

Quick-fire question to the panel:

  • One piece of advice for the decision makers in the audience and top area of focus for the coming year

    Moderator: Bill Murphy, SMD, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), BLACKSTONE GROUP
    Apurva Mehta, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Head of Architecture, UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT AMERICAS
    Kevin D. Mahn, President & Chief Investment Officer (CIO), HENNION & WALSH ASSET MANAGEMENT
    Chai Lam, Director, Lead Solution Architecture, RBC INSURANCE

10:05 Data Thought Leader Keynote Presentation:

Dessa Glasser, Former Chief Data Officer, JP MORGAN CHASE ASSET MANAGEMENT

10:30 The Data Debate : Volume, transparency, quality and governance - Creating a streamlined, centralized data management strategy

  • Receiving feeds from vendors and the business itself - challenges around testing for accuracy and quality
  • A consolidated solution for legal entity data - what are the developments?
  • Delivering better customer service - using regulatory requirements to improve governance and quality
  • Choosing vendor partnerships and managing contracts
  • Challenges around data processing and advances in analytics

Moderator: Paul Zajac, Managing Director, Information Technology, CREDIT SUISSE ASSET MANAGEMENT
Tara L. Castleberry, Vice President, Enterprise Data Management, Program Delivery, AIG
Jenny Tsouvalis, Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, OMERS
John J. Farris, Executive Vice President, Head of Sales, Americas, RIMES TECHNOLOGIES
Liz Blake, Global Head of Front Office Services, EAGLE INVESTMENT SYSTEMS

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11:15 Morning break and opportunity to network 


STREAM ONE - Trade Compliance and Automation

STREAM TWO - Analytics and Infrastructure


Chairperson's opening remarks

Chairperson's opening remarks
Rares Pateanu
, Adjunct Professor, YORK UNIVERSITY


Panel discussion: Trade compliance for the buy side - a centralized approach

  • Remaining compliant across asset classes and jurisdictional boundaries
  • Centralizing compliance efforts and adapting OMS to keep up with regulatory demands
  • The implications of MiFID II and Regulation AT on trading strategy
  • Technology demands, systems upgrades and the integration of vendor platforms
  • Assessing vendor offerings and partnerships in this space

Moderator: Jay Wolstenholme, Senior Analyst, Securities and Investments Group, CELENT
Terry Flynn, Front Office Specialist & Team Lead, SIMCORP

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Panel discussion: Implementing an advanced analytics strategy - creating a competitive advantage

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning - integrating smart analytics into the trading function
  • Predicting trading decisions and market movement through trader profiling
  • How can you utilize the raw data stored in data lakes for analytical purposes?
  • Build or Buy? Incorporating upgradable analytics software into existing infrastructure
  • Increasing functionality - Using analytics software to improve data governance and quality

Moderator: Antonio Hallak, CEO, SYBIL TRADING
Rohit R. Katti, Director & Chief Technologist, Strategic Technology Investments Group, NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY
Elliot Noma, Ph.D., Managing Director, GARRETT ASSET MANAGEMENT
Nitesh Ambastha, Executive Director, Asset Management IT, UBS GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT

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Panel discussion: Assessing the advances in automation technology for the buy side - enhancing trading function and operational processes

  • Which business areas can be helped by automation and AI? Aside from the trading functions, what processes can we automate effectively?
  • How will the role of the human trader change as investment strategies are automated? What are the use cases around reducing processing times?
  • Using automation to aid pre trade and post trade documentation and compliance efforts
  • Enhancing risk management and operational efficiency - moving away from legacy systems and towards automated reconciliation platforms
  • How are the vendor firms ensuring that their models for the sell side can work for the buy side?

Moderator: Will Mechem, Managing Director
Henry Kravchenko, Head of Information Technology, MASHALL WACE
Josh Levy, Managing Director & Founder, TACTICAL ASSET MANAGEMENT

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Panel discussion: Technology innovation for the buy side - prioritizing security, upgrading infrastructure and moving with the times

  • Simplifying applications and infrastructure to increase efficiency - assessing which legacy systems to replace or update?
  • Building information risk into every project - how are the vendors displaying an invested interest around security breaches?
  • What are the latest advances in cloud hosted automation technology?
  • How can the vendors respond to the need for constantly evolving technology and innovation partnerships while offering value and ROI?

Moderator: Anthony Vigilante, MD, Head of Global Information Technology, MACKAY SHIELDS
Stefan C. Ott, Head Client Experience Technology, Group Insurance, GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA
Lonergan Harrington, Director of Electronic Trading Architecture, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS
Ken Overton, Associate Director, Solutions Marketing, SOLACE SYSTEMS

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1.00 Lunch break and opportunity to network

1.40 Chairperson's opening remarks: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERS AND WATERSTECHNOLOGY

1.45 Afternoon keynote presentation: Mitigating Systemic Risks in the Derivatives Markets

Petal P. Walker, Chief Counsel, Office of Commissioner Bowen, U.S. CFTC

2.10 Regulation Roundtable - answering your regulatory concerns

The panel will discuss the current regulations impacting buy side firms, identify challenges and solutions, and provide key takeaways to navigate the ever changing regulatory landscape from a data and technology perspective - the panel will answer questions submitted by senior buy side executives>

Topics will include:

  • Meeting the 2018 deadline - the impact of MiFID II on the buy side
  • DOL Fiduciary rule - what changes will your firm have to make?
  • Regulation AT - increasing transparency and reducing risk around automated trading
  • Buy side regulatory strategy - responding to regulation across jurisdictional boundaries
  • Meeting the technology requirements of the regulatory tidal wave

Form PF/AIFMD, Basel II/III reporting, Solvency II, PRIIPs/UCITS KIDs, BCBS 239, LEI

Moderator: Joseph W. Lodato, Managing Director, Global Head of Compliance Technology and Surveillance, GUGGENHEIM PARTNERS
Petal P. Walker
, Chief Counsel, Office of Commissioner Bowen, U.S. CFTC
Ee Wah Lim
, Head of Product Development, OTC FIN

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2.50  Afternoon break and opportunity to network

3.10 Workshop: The Blockchain debate - use cases for the buy side, utilizing the technology and reaping the rewards

Learn about the move towards ledger technology - now is the time to take note! Hear the latest news, strategies and approaches to implementing ledger technology from top industry experts

Hosted By: Ron Quaranta, Chairman, WALL STREET BLOCKCHAIN ALLIANCE
Contributors: Rares Pateanu
, Adjunct Professor, YORK UNIVERSITY
Christopher Burniske
, Blockchain Lead, ARK INVEST

Follow up at the Champagne roundtable later today!

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3.45 Interactive Panel: Looking to the future - To outsource, in house or co-source? What does the future buy side tech strategy look like and how can we partner more effectively with our vendors?

The financial industry is changing and evolving faster than ever before - with an increased focus on the automation of processes, regulatory reporting, the centralization of data and the digitization of the whole industry, it's never been more important to work alongside and partner with your vendors while get the most from your employees and technology. During this session discover how to reap the rewards of change and stay ahead of the curve. Hear from top tier vendors and industry thought leaders and leave with key take aways to enhance your strategy, build your relationships and increase your competitive advantage

  • Streamlined product/application integration and a focus on API's
  • Managed Services vs. utilities - assessing current partnerships, consortiums and options
  • Solving a business or processing problem - innovation in product development
  • Keeping track of benchmarking activities- how can a firm take a holistic view of this if they are outsourcing to vendors?
  • Building a flexible architecture to meet regulations while creating flexible and agile business advantages - assessing the need for more control around benchmarking
  • Managing changes in vendor contracts - choosing the best provider and maintaining a beneficial, collaborative, ongoing relationship

Quick fire questions to the audience:

  • To what extent is your firm outsourcing functions and what functions can you not afford to outsource?
  • In light of the recent regulatory reforms, has your firm implemented a new policy regarding outsourcing in order to better your regulatory oversight?

Moderator: Igor Ikonnikov, Global Information Management Practice, MANULIFE FINANCIAL
Ilya Finkelshteyn, Head of Software Development and Services at TUDOR INVESTMENT CORPORATION
Marc Mallett, Vice President of Sales, North America SIMCORP
Keith Lubell, Chief Technology Officer, BERKERY, NOYES & CO

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4.30: Slido Poll Round-up

The chairman will evaluate the poll results from throughout the day and summarize the key concerns, challenges and strategies for moving forwards as Champagne is served before the networking roundtables

4.40 Champagne networking roundtables

Join a roundtable to take part in an informal discussion on your preferred topic over a glass of Champagne
Catch up on the hottest topics from the conference and discuss your concerns with like-minded peers

The blockchain debate
Innovating your infrasructure
Trade compliance and regulatory concerns
Utilizing analytics
Data govenance, transparency and quality
Women in technology & data

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5.20 Chairperson's closing remarks

5.30 Drinks reception


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